“I would describe my style as being somewhere between Monet’s Lilies and the 1973 FA Cup final! This may seem strange but the arrival of color television during my childhood was other-worldly hence the red and white of Sunderland that wet May day being etched in rich Technicolor for ever.”

After completing a fine art degree, Rob has exhibited his work across the country, he has taught, lectured and been an artist in residence.

“Life has brought me full circle, back to the loves of my childhood – football and painting. I have realized that nothing gives me more pleasure than capturing the essence of football, striving to convey the intense emotion of the beautiful game that is a metaphor for our lives.”

“ Bill Shankly made reference to football being more important than life and death. I see football as the a religion that delivers an afterlife in the first kick of every new season”

Rob uses multi media to match the individual requirements of the commission. Most often he will work with oil on canvas or oil pastel on acrylic on paper. Sizes will vary dependent again on the project and what he feels most suits the challenge in hand.

He works out of his Brighton Studio although he often travels and is flexible to working on site to deliver the best possible outcome.