Community art projects

  • BAHA Community Exhibition
  • B&HA Community Art unveiling

Rob is an experienced educationalist and artist having taught, lectured and been an artist in residence for many years. He has designed and is currently delivering an education programme at the AMEX Community Stadium to Children in Care for Brighton & Hove Albion, Albion in the Community and Brighton & Hove Virtual School for Children in Care. This is an example of how Rob is able to draw upon his broad experience to engage some of the most under privileged in our society.

The young people come from across the school age and ability range with the project optimizing an interest and/or ability in art and football to draw them to the stadium improving their educational engagement and raising self esteem. The work produced will ultimately be exhibited at the stadium.

One of the most significant resources for this project is the artwork already on the walls of the stadiums produced by Rob, fellow professional artists and schools. Having the club use what would otherwise have been big empty expanses has turned the stadium into a fully inclusive living exhibition space where the work can inspire and be appreciated by thousands.